Treats, Dog, 24 Advent Calendar


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Treats, Dog, 24 Advent Calendar

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Enter Bonne et Filou’s own Versailles Chteau (for pups) with the world’s most luxurious advent calendar, created especially for your favorite furry companions (you’ll want to buy one for each of the pups on your Good List)!

Treat your dog(s) with a delectable selection of handmade dog treats including dog truffles, dog bones and dog macarons. Open each window to find a special treat, while counting down to Christmas Day.

All dog treats are locally sourced with human-grade ingredients (eat them yourself if you want) and handmade in the USA.

The box contains 24 treats including 12 dog bones, 8 dog truffles, and 4 dog macarons.

Feeding Instructions:

Intended as a treat or reward, not as food.

Our dog macarons are hard treats designed for a longer-lasting chew experience, as with any hard treat there is a risk of choking or gastrointestinal blockage if your dog consumes too quickly, especially for elderly or small dogs.

Always supervise your dog while eating to ensure that the treats are broken into appropriate size for your dog before consuming.

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