Cat Tree , Wall Mounted, Shelves , 4PCS – Grey



Cat Tree , Wall Mounted, Shelves , 4PCS – Grey

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PAWHUT Wall-mounted cat shelves: Gives your pet a higher spot to play, jump and relax. Includes a hammock, cat nest and jumping platforms. Perfect for smaller spaces, you will utilise your wall to set up. Sisal wrapped scratching posts: They’ll use this cat climbing wall instead of your furniture, so they can dig and sharpen their claws. Sturdy material: Made from particle board, these shelves are completely stable, so pets can play, jump and relax safely, creating the perfect cat wall. Comfortable features: Covered in soft plush, these cat wall shelves are soft and cosy ? the perfect spot to play and relax. Dimensions: Single layer platform: 23.5H x 40L x 27.5Wcm. Three floors: 73H x 40L x 28Wcm. Cylinder ladder: 12H x 38L x 22Wcm. Semi-circular nest: 21H x 42L x 25.5Wcm. Hammock: 5H x &Phi:man:0cm. Maximum load 5kg. Assembly required.

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Weight 11.20 kg
Dimensions 45.5 × 42.0 × 30.5 cm



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